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Axera Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Axera Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ("Axera"), established in May 2019, is committed to the development of world-leading system-on-chips (SoCs) for artificial intelligence (AI) perception and edge computing. These SoCs are designed to cater for the extensive market of edge and terminal devices, including smart cities, smart driving, robots, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) applications.

Axera has pioneered the development of two self-innovating technologies through its algorithm and SoC co-design philosophy: Axera Zhimou AI-ISP and Axera Tongyuan NPU, with high energy efficiency and low power consumption.

Axera Zhimou AI-ISP harnesses pixel-level AI processing technology to deliver enhanced imaging quality in a wide range of complex application scenarios. This advanced technology significantly improves the quality of images and video materials, paving the way for subsequent intelligent processing.

Axera Tongyuan NPU incorporates a multi-thread heterogeneous multi-core design, optimizing the operator, network microstructure, data flow, and memory access. This advanced design efficiently supports mixed precision algorithm design and natively accommodates the Transformer Network architecture, providing a solid foundation for deploying AI models in edge and terminal applications.

Axera offers comprehensive solutions to its partners through the vertical integration of algorithms and chips. By combining these elements into a full platform, Axera enables its partners to swiftly implement the latest technologies. Furthermore, Axera’s well-defined product roadmap covers a wide range of market segments, including low-, mid-, and high-end markets to satisfy the specific product demands of customers across various scenarios. During the past four years, Axera has produced impressively four-generation chip products.

Axera is dedicated to serve as the digital gateway to the physical world. By delivering high-performance, cost-effective sensory and computational platforms, Axera is dedicated to making AI more accessible to the general public, cultivating a better society and an improving the quality of life.

Company Mission


Create a World Class Perception and Computation Platform

Company Vision


AI for All,AI for a Better World


  • 2023.06
    Marching in the vehicle market
  • 2021.06
    The first generation chip produced massively
  • 2019.05
    Axera founded